Most people put more time and effort into researching their next big screen colour TV purchase, than they do into planning their career” – A Sutton 2010

For most people, choosing a career was often a decision made for them or by them with little or no understanding of the realities of work, or a concrete understanding of what different jobs actually do. For most people, the advice of parents is pivotal or the only input given during the early High School years. This is often compounded with little or no effective career development advice from competent advisors within a school. Even those with access to careers advice often have not got a broad depth of knowledge and experience outside an educational framework. Their experience of careers is first as a student, then later as a teacher. Parents often have little experience in a broad range of careers themselves and often fall back on old handed down views such as “get a trade – then you will always have something to fall back on!” For others it might be the aspirations of the parents that are pre-eminent “I want you to become,………… a doctor, an engineer, a ? and so it goes on.

All of those decisions represent a clear starting point and are, for the most part, perfectly valid and satisfactory until you get to a point in your daily career whereby there is a crisis, (such as redundancy), or level of dissatisfaction so great in what you are doing that is so great there is a personal crisis.

A need to be more, and be all that you can be is a strong motivation to build change and bring about new directions in career and life as result.

You spend so much of your life at work it simply doesn’t make sense to go to work unhappy and hating what you do every day. Our belief is that it simply doesn’t have to be that way!

We provide individualised coaching for people seeking to bring about such a change and for them to go to a job or a career that is fulfilling and enjoyable.

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